7 Easy Tips To Stay In Shape While You Travel

  • March 11, 2024
  • 5 min read
7 Easy Tips To Stay In Shape While You Travel

It is quite a dilemma when you need to break or alter your daily routine while you are traveling. Also, it is quite difficult to exercise when you are traveling or out of town. It is a good thing if your hotel has a gym facility but what if it doesn’t? How will you stay in shape while you travel?

Tips To Stay In Shape While You Travel

1- Eat light while you travel

This is the golden rule of traveling. Always pack something light for your travel wherever you are going. Best foods could be a small sandwich or loads of nuts. Do not indulge in junk food or heavy oily food. This may upset your stomach as you are stationary and not having any exercise or movement. Also apart from that when you are going to another region, have light meals to understand how your body is responding to the food over there. Drink loads of water and fluids throughout the journey.

2- Small duration workouts

Well, let face it, if you are traveling for work, you cannot afford to miss a day of exercise. Remember to treat your body well and it will treat you well in return.  There are a lot of 10 minute or 20-minute workouts that need no equipment at all. You can do this in the hotel room or your place to stay. The requirement for this work out is a body and the willingness to do the circuit. You can follow anyone’s travel workout or create one on your own. 

You can do pushups, bodyweight squats, walking lunges, jumping jacks and plank of course. This will help in maintaining the strength you are building in the gym for months/ years.

3- Walk around a lot

If you are on a vacation, then ditch the transport for short distances and walk around. This serves two purposes. You get to explore the city better and notice the life of the people living there. The other one, you are staying in shape! Phew! Didn’t think about it, right? You can do this when there is no gym facility or you have no time to do a specific workout. Hence, even if you have been on work travel. Take the stairs and not office lifts or escalators. This can help a lot.

4- Work out a few moves for that back

When you are traveling, our back is the most affected. Hence, to make yourself and it feel better you can work on your back. Channel that bird dog and begin this exercise. You can go for some stretches or do push-ups. Anything would work for relaxing your back. Do at least 15-40 seconds of Plank every day even while on travel as this helps your body muscles a lot.

5- Do some Yoga

Probably one of the underrated forms of exercise, yoga doesn’t need any equipment. It only needs the mind, body, and soul to be at one place and work in coordination with each other. Do some relaxation asanas to ease off your body. Don’t forget to do some Suryanamaskaras. This will help to relax that stressed back, neck, etc. You can also go for some balancing exercises.

6- Practice meditation

Being in shape doesn’t mean only physical fitness. It also means mental fitness. You may be feeling jetlagged or irritated due to the weather conditions. This shouldn’t stop you from getting mental peace. Listen to some naturally soothing sounds or listen to some favorite melody songs. This should relax your nerves. Practice a one minute or two-minute meditation. This will go a long way and make sure this turns into a habit.

7- Focus on eating healthy food in the hotel

Again this not as necessary to follow because you can loosen up a bit too. If you are maintaining a strict and rigid diet, then go for having healthy food in the hotel food. Look up the hotel menu online before you decide to have your meal there. See the healthy options and order them. You can focus on fiber and protein as much as you can. Ask them salads that have less dressing or indulge in some gluten-free food. When you eat proteins, you feel full and there is no need to eat another meal until you are hungry.

As you go through that can be followed, always remind yourself that unless you break your patterns, you wouldn’t know how much of self-control you have. Always have fruits as breakfasts and this will be a great way to not gain any travel weight. Apart from that, have lots of rest and sleep as sometimes lack of sleep can also add a few pounds. Therefore, take care of yourself and stick to the plan you have while traveling.