13 Simple Ways to Eliminate Employee Burnout

  • April 1, 2024
  • 5 min read
13 Simple Ways to Eliminate Employee Burnout

It is estimated that about 23% of employees have reported experiencing employee burnout in the workplace. That’s almost 1/4th of the workforce!

Employee burnout should not be overlooked for long, regardless of how loyal a worker is. That is why HR managers at all levels of the business are still working to prevent employee burnout.

Its effect goes beyond job performance; for workers with diabetes, heart disease, and, in severe cases, mental disorders, it can have serious health issues.

Here are 13 simple things that you can do at the workplace to avoid burnout:

1- Have a no-overwork policy

One of the most noticeable staff burnout indicators is overwork. It does not mean that you flood them with extra tasks if your employees love their jobs and mark themselves as workaholics. In assigning jobs to the workers, be clever. It is better to form teams and evenly split the job.

2- Know Your Staff

Not all employees are moved by the same incentive. The more you know your people, the better motivation you can give them. In the professional world, it is a normal oversight. Some managers also feel that working relationships must be formal and remain within the office’s limits.

3- Encourage Taking Small Breaks

 Working people are not robots. Focus on the human aspect of the human capital term. Small breaks refresh the mind as the hours go by and help prevent diminished productivity.

To prevent employee burnout before it begins to become a problem, promote this easy habit at work.

4- Get Away From The Desk!

It would be immensely helpful to get away from the cubicle for a good hour or so. Promote this practice so that it becomes a market tradition.

If you’ve ever been an employee, you’d know that lunch-time discussions are the product of many brilliant ideas.

5- Approve Time-off Requests from Employees

It is extremely beneficial to accept time-off requests from your staff for personal obligations or to simply offer family time. You gain their admiration and affection by doing so. You’d be shocked to learn about the influence of this simple gesture.

6- Encourage Work/Life Balance ASAP!

Modern companies recognize the value of employee facilitation. This pandemic has taught the technical community a great deal. Companies now realize that the same, if not better, outcomes can be obtained by employees using the work-from-home process.

7- Time for a Holiday

Take a break and inspire others to do the same. Employees are so wrapped up in work most of the time that they fail to take advantage of their annual leave. Promote a culture of enjoying some ‘me-time’ by taking small leaves from work.

8- Give Incentives

 Not all workers desire’ money incentive,’ but most of them do. There is a lot you can do for them for the tiny portion of staff who crave something more. It is the gesture that matters.

For that one exceptional worker, you should still have an ’employee of the month’ award. You will motivate workers to work harder by adding a bit of competition.

9- Show Appreciation

Praise is one thing that every single person in the workplace craves. Before and after a task has been accomplished, let the workers know your expectations and that you value their efforts, even if the assignment is relatively small. The effort made on your part will be remembered by employees

10- Let the Creativity Flow

Employees should be allowed to let their imaginations run wild. By doing the same assignment over and over again, everybody gets bored. Every week, get some innovative projects for all teams to get them hooked on work. This approach can help certain staff appreciate their innovative talents, which they didn’t realize before.

11- Nothing is Perfect

While there is nothing wrong with expecting a high standard of work from workers, it is unreasonable to expect nothing but perfection. Staff is not always prepared to work under pressure.

Let them learn from experience. Focusing on intelligent work, not hard work, is a helpful tip for achieving better productivity. Let employees understand what is being done incorrectly and what the areas of change are.

12- Talk!

The fastest way to stop employee burnout is to streamline communication within the company. Ensure contact at a personal level. Staff are reluctant to share their thoughts much of the time or discuss topics with individuals.

The primary explanation behind elevated employee stress levels is that their complaints are not resolved promptly. So, take a little time out and just talk to the team. Even if they don’t display imminent signs of burnout, in the workplace, it’s nice to engage in small talk.

13- One Team

One effective way to combat employee burnout is by creating a sense of unity and camaraderie within the workplace. Encouraging team spirit can significantly boost morale and reduce stress levels.

One simple yet impactful way to achieve this is by incorporating themed dress days, like “Wear Your Favorite Jersey to Work Day.”

This lighthearted initiative not only adds an element of fun and variety to the office environment but also fosters a sense of belonging and team identity. Employees can proudly don their favorite sports team jerseys, sparking conversations, building connections, and providing a refreshing break from the daily grind. Such initiatives can go a long way toward combating burnout by reminding employees that they are part of a supportive and inclusive work community. And you can use the services of companies like Branded Originals to buy merchandise for your team.

It is time for you to get to work and start recognizing burnout symptoms in workers. The burnout of workers is NOT inevitable.  It is a phenomenon that is very widely encountered in the workplace; however, you can get rid of it. The first step is the toughest, and it is not simple to define the root causes of worker burnout, but it can be done.