6 Super Simple All-Natural Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Try

  • February 10, 2024
  • 5 min read
6 Super Simple All-Natural Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Try

Frizzy hair, acne-prone skin, large pores, hair fall, chapped lips, uneven skin tone, blackheads… the list goes on! You have tried everything from the drugstore – nothing works, so now you should give these all-natural beauty tips a shot.

After all, what’s it worth to spend so many dollars on beauty products that don’t even give you your desired results? On the other hand, natural remedies are safer, cheaper, and are found to be a lot more effective than products that are full of chemicals and harsh ingredients.

All-Natural Beauty Tips that Work!

Women have a lot of things to worry about, and appearance should not be one of them. For that, follow these super simple remedies that are made from ingredients you have in your home already, and have all your beauty-related issues go away.

1- Banana and Egg Hair Mask

Whether you have an event to attend tonight or are just tired of your frizzy hair being untamable, this banana and egg hair mask can put your worries to an end. The banana is extremely moisturizing to your hair while the egg is full of proteins. Just whip up a whole egg and blend it with a mashed banana. You will have a thick, slippery paste to put into your hair.

Before you apply the mask from your scalp to your hair ends, ensure that the paste has no lumps in it because those might stick to your hair and are a little difficult to get out. Leave the smoothly blended paste in your hair for an approximate half-hour, then shower and condition as usual. Shiny, frizz-free hair – all yours!

2- Nail Conditioning with Olive Oil

Brittle or dull-looking nails are off-putting. All you have to do to instantly renew your nails’ appearance is soak them in olive oil for five minutes. Not only is it relaxing, but also refreshing for your nail beds, the skin around your nails, and has a positive effect on the blood flow to your hands.

After the soak, you can just massage the oil on your hands for five minutes to enjoy fresher, softer, and beautiful hands. Doing this remedy right after a manicure does wonders, too, by locking in the moisture.

3- Treat Your Face with Honey

You are most likely already aware that honey is an absolute gem in natural remedies. In order to enjoy a glowing complexion, make it a habit to use raw honey as a face mask.

This one-ingredient face mask requires you to do nothing but warm some raw honey by rubbing your fingers together for a few seconds, then apply it all over your face. Leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water. Honey has antioxidation properties, making it ideal to purify and enhance your skin.

4- Brighten Knees and Elbows with Orange Peels

No matter how hard we try to clean these tough areas, knees and elbows are just too difficult to match with the overall body skin tone.

While it may seem impossible at times, knees and elbows can be scrubbed with either half-cut oranges or just orange peels to brighten them.

Oranges are plump with vitamin C, and the rough surface of the inner side of orange peels makes a really good exfoliator.

5- Use Coconut Oil Instead of Shaving Cream

Shaving creams may not always suit your skin type, and sometimes these creams cause redness and irritation, too.

A natural alternative to shaving cream is coconut oil. Warm-up some coconut oil and lather it on your body before you shave. It has two benefits: One, the razor blades slide so smoothly over your skin, making the whole process faster and easier; and two, there are lesser ingrown hairs or irritation.

As a bonus, you are left with comparatively softer, smoother skin and a few savings as coconut oil are cheaper than shaving creams.

6- Get Rid of Blackheads with Lemon and Honey

You have already read what lemon and honey do for your skin individually, but did you know what their combination can do for you? Blackheads, the root of so many problems, and a very tough skin problem on their own, are a constant source of stress for many women, especially with those women who have oily skin.

What you can do to get rid of blackheads naturally, is to cut half a lemon, put some drops of honey on its surface, and lightly rub that on your nose, cheeks, thread, and other areas where you detect blackheads.

There is no beauty issue that all-natural beauty tips cannot solve. You may be disappointed seeing your hair texture or your skin breaking out at times, but with constant use of these home remedies, you will begin to see significant changes in your appearance, and you might throw out most of your beauty products because these remedies are so much gentler and more effective.